Understand Gate Valve Manufacturers from Three Aspects, So That You Do Not Suffer

Nowadays, the market demand for gate valves is very large, and the market for this product is on an upward trend, mainly because the country has strengthened the construction of gas pipeline lines and oil pipeline lines. How should customers identify and identify the ones in the market when choosing manufacturers? What about the quality of gate valve products? The following NSW Valve shares with you the method of identifying and identifying gate valve manufacturers. In fact, whether it is a gate valve, a ball valve, or a butterfly valve, users can identify and select through the following methods.

conduct a field trip

Nowadays, users have higher and higher requirements for pound-level gate valves, which is also a huge driving force for gate valve manufacturers. They can upgrade themselves and successfully get rid of the previous image of low-end and low-end. The current situation of valve manufacturers is completely different from before. In the same way, customers can directly enter the site inspection, mainly into the production workshop inspection, so that they can really buy with confidence.

Precise control over the details

The number of gate valve manufacturers in the market today is very large. Different valve products are very similar on the surface, but if you observe carefully, there is still a big difference. With the substantial increase in plant rent and labor costs, many manufacturers are Try to save raw materials. If the valve wall thickness and flange thickness cannot be reduced, you can only reduce the valve stem, use cast iron to replace the copper nut, and try not to polish and polish the valve surface. The above conditions may lead to poor valve quality and service life. reduce.

Inspection service time

No matter what industry they are engaged in, gate valve manufacturers need to treat customers with enthusiasm and provide services in a timely manner. Some manufacturers are very enthusiastic about customers before they get the order, and immediately change their attitude after getting the order.

Gate valves are suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipelines, gas pipelines and other transportation pipelines, venting systems and steam storage devices, as opening and closing equipment. It is very important to identify and select qualified gate valve manufacturers, because once the equipment is used in industrial and mining projects, the safety of production is the most important. It is hoped that users will be more discerning when purchasing gate valves, and will not suffer from buying the right product.

Post time: Dec-22-2022