Traditional Ball Valve and Segmented V-shaped Ball Valve

Segmented V-port ball valves can be used to efficiently control midstream production operations.

Conventional ball valves are specially designed for on/off operation only and not as a throttle or control valve mechanism. When manufacturers try to use conventional ball valves as control valves through throttling, they create excessive cavitation and turbulence within the valve and in the flow line. This is detrimental to the life and function of the valve.

Some of the advantages of the segmented V-ball valve design are:

The efficiency of quarter-turn ball valves is related to the traditional characteristics of globe valves.
Variable control flow and on/off functionality of traditional ball valves.
Open and unobstructed material flow helps minimize valve cavitation, turbulence and corrosion.
Reduced wear on ball and seat sealing surfaces due to reduced surface contact.
Reduce cavitation and turbulence for smooth operation.

Post time: Dec-22-2022